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Corporate Leased Lines

Corporate Leased Lines “Dedicated Internet Access” Access the Internet over a variety of interface types and speeds, via non-shared 1:1 connections. ith many bandwidth options available, our Dedicated Internet Service is designed for businesses and ISPs that want to unify their communications while maintaining the highest levels of performance and stability.

Providing Internet service is easy, but providing reliable Internet service in high density environments such as corporate events or trade shows is anything but easy. It requires a knowledgeable team of network engineers using the latest equipment to be done right.

At Viking Network, we combine a series of best practices drawn from years of experience, a highly skilled network engineering team, robust IT and WiFi equipment, and a service level guarantee to show you that we are serious about providing the best available network experience during your event. Our commitment as your ISP is to provide world-class Internet connectivity for you and your attendees.

For events that draw a lot of press, we create a separate WiFi access for journalists to connect their mobile devices.

Last but not least we provide solid ONSITE support during Duration of Event. Service Testing prior to Actual Event day will of course be provided.

Just about every ‘public area’, from stores, to bars, to restaurants and even hairdressers, seem to have a Wi-Fi HotSpot in place nowadays. Why? Well, because it helps to draw in customers and those customers want to spend money.

We live in a world where we are hooked up to the internet pretty much 24/7. People access their social media accounts. People do business online. People want to play a game or two. You would be hard-pressed to find somebody from this generation who does not connect to the internet on a regular basis. The advent of smartphones and other mobile devices has meant that people are even accessing the internet ‘on the go’ now. Companies that have a HotSpot installed will make it simple for these people to connect to the internet, and that will make drawing in the customers that much easier.

Our job is to get that HotSpot up and running for you. We can help to convert a public space of any size into an area which has the internet easily accessed. Our company has a wealth of experience when it comes to the installation of Wi-Fi HotSpots and we have worked closely with many businesses to get up and running. Our internet solutions are incredibly fast and cost-effective.

Bandwidths ideal for small and medium sized enterprises/ offices. We offer speeds from 10 Mbps to 20 Mbps (we also create plans as per customer requirements)

Our Plans

Broadband For Homes / Offices

1-100 Mbps

  • Unlimited Data Transfer Plans
  • No Usage Limits
  • No Conditions
  • No Speed Reduction

Limited Data Transfer Plans With Fup

10 Mbps / 20 Mbps / 30 Mbps

  • Data limits 50 GB per Month onwards
  • 3 months / 6 months / 12 months
  • Post Limit Data Reduced Speeds With
  • Unlimited Usage Will Be Apply